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Five Promising Features of Board of Open Schooling

Globalization, economic liberalization, and the advent of technology have put a profound impact on the education world too. Now the landscape of schooling education is changing. Technology is revolutionizing the education sector and also changing the teaching and learning methodology. Now students have option to accomplish their career dream and schooling education simultaneously. Board of Open Schooling is an excellent option for students who want to get a competitive edge in their careers. Board of open schooling offering flexibility to students to choose subjects according to their area of interest and learn things at their own pace. This post aims to highlight five promising features of open school education.

Board of Open Schooling Offers Convenience and Flexibility to Students:

Candidates get immense flexibility in the board of open schooling. While pursuing academic and vocational programmes through board of open schooling, candidates have flexibilities like: there is no upper age restriction for any of the learning programme, flexibility in choosing subjects, flexibility and convenience in giving the examination. Besides, students also get transfer of credit facility up to two subjects.

No Need to Attend Class:

Learners don’t need to attend classes physically while pursuing programmes through 12th Open school admission. The trend of e-learning is on the rise. The academic and vocational programmes offered by board of open schooling are available on leading digital portals like Swayam.

Education is Universal:

Education through 12th Open school admission is suitable for every people. The academic and vocational programmes offered by open school are designed in a lucid manner; which is engaging, interesting and easy to understand, even a layman can understand it. Significantly, programmes are available in several regional languages, which make it more flexible and convenient in the matter of imparting education.

Offering Continuing Education:

With open school admission candidates can continue their education even they have dropped a few years in between some reason. For example, if any student has completed a few courses of the secondary examination this year and then takes a drop for a year. He/she can complete few other courses according to their flexibility. There is no problem of discontinuity in this education system.

Employment-Oriented Vocational and Skill Education:

BOSSE offers numerous employment-oriented vocational and skill education that helps candidates to get employment opportunities. Some popular vocational programmes are Stenography, Secretarial Practice, beautician course, web development, travel and hospitality programmes, Plant Production, Catering Management, Hotel Front Office Operations, Soil & Fertilizer Management.