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12th open school admission in BOSSE for prospective students

12th open school admission

India is a vast country and many of its regions still face the problems of underdevelopment and ruralism. Education in such areas generally takes a backseat in the perception of people.

General reasons to pursue education from open schools

  • Gap in pursuing education
  • Health problems
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Financial, family, and health constraints
  • Lack of school facilities available
  • Time restrictions due to work commitments
  • Exploring employment opportunities in the present employment
  • Very poor performance in exams
  • Facilitating own employment or own business
  • No interest in studies

Pursuing education has never been as easy as it is with BOSSE. BOSSE is a robust platform for education seekers who are willing to complete their incomplete education and fulfill their dream. The main objective of BOSSE is to remove impediments coming in the way of students and achieve milestones in the way of completing education to the highest level.

The foremost advantage of being recognized across nationally and globally makes it highly rewarding, especially among students who wish to fulfill their dream of a complete education. Along with education, BOSSE facilitates vocational courses to inculcate the qualities of work efficiency, versatility, innovation, and pertinence among others.

Vocational courses are available with 12th open school admission and are currently presented in five categories:

  1. Beauty & Wellness
  2. Laundry Services
  3. Tour & Travel
  4. Housekeeping
  5. Hotel Front Office Operation

There are innumerable advantages attached to opting for these vocational courses as they provide better chances of employability and marketability in the current job scenario. As students become job industry-ready, they have a better chance of getting employed with high remuneration. Since vocational courses focus on providing practical exposure to students, they simultaneously become highly efficient.

BOSSE provides a highly adaptable program as students can study according to their own convenience of time and place. They can take classes when they have time and they can choose their subjects regardless of their age and background. Also, they have the facility of On-Demand Examination. They can give exams when they are well prepared as they are allotted a time period of 5 years to complete their 1 year of education. They are generally provided 9 chances to pass the exams and earn the certificate.

BOSSE also facilitates the Transfer of Credit System. Under this, if a student has successfully completed one subject with CBSE, it is not necessary for him/her to reappear for the same subject in the 12th open school admission. Their marks get transferred and they can focus on passing other subjects to complete their education. There is also digital assistance available through the SWAYAM portal. In today’s digitized scenario, this is widely available and adds an edge of flexibility to a high level. Students can study and attend tutorials and sessions as per their choice of subject.

12th open school admission is available and provides opportunities to students who dream of a bright future ahead in life. They can apply for higher education courses from national as well as international universities. BOSSE excels in promoting as well as uplifting the downtrodden and disadvantaged groups, women, and deprived sections of society. BOSSE programs are running along the lines of eradicating illiteracy and alleviating poverty.

After completing education through BOSSE, students can also apply for jobs in reputed companies. the eligibility criteria to be followed:

  • Students must secure a minimum of 60% marks in standard 10.
  • Students must secure a minimum of 60% marks in standard 12.
  • Students must secure a minimum of 60% marks in graduation.
  • It’s mandatory for students to not have any backlog of remaining exams during their course of study.

The completion of studies from BOSSE can help you develop numerous qualities such as clear verbal as well as written communication, problem-solving skills, time management, perseverance, adaptability, confidence, team and collaboration skills, and many more. This is because BOSSE gives students an apt platform to nurture these qualities while pursuing education and become skillful to face the corporate world in a more confident manner. Alongside, BOSSE makes sure that its students are provided best facilities so that overall development takes place and helps them channel their knowledge towards making a bright future.