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Although BOSSE will be imparting education through e-learning and multi-media techniques yet in order to provide face to face teaching which is an essential component in any teaching method, Accredited Institute near the residence of learners in all parts of the country and abroad will be set up by BOSSE. These Accredited Institutes are mainly set up in already functional reputed schools affiliated with State Boards or CBSE.
Institutes or Schools who desire to contribute towards enhancing the learning society, may join BOSSE as Accredited Institution to assist the learners. The major role of Accredited Institutes is to synchronize between learners and BOSSE.

Roles of Accredited Institutes

  • To assist learners in providing learning environment.
  • To assist learners in providing study course after collecting from BOSSE.
  • To assist learners in submission of assignments and practical files.
  • To assist learners in conducting annual examination.
  • To assist learners in resolving any of the academic issue.

Who can be Accredited Institute

  • Institute which is already being affiliated to a recognized State Board of School Education / CISCE for Secondary/ CBSE or any other recognized State Board.
  • Registered Society or Trust.
  • Registered Society / NGO which is already engaged with imparting special education and having registration with Rehabilitation Council of India.

An Institution/School can apply through online application for accreditation to function as Accredited Institute of BOSSE.

View Accredited Institutes List