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How Open School Board and Online learning Can Redefine the Landscape of Education in India?


The advent of cutting-edge technology and the internet revolution is putting a profound impact on the human lifestyle. And the education sector is not untouched by it. The advent of cloud computing coined the idea of eLearning or online learning, which is today revolutionizing the education sector. Compared to traditional education, online education is convenient, cost-effective and easily accessible; which makes it popular on a large scale. Significantly, COVID-19 pandemic has also fueled the growth of online learning. In a country like India, where the school dropout rate is so high and students who fail in the examination, choose open school board to continue their education. In this scenario online learning or eLearning in open school board can redefine the landscape of education in India and students can shape their career in a better manner.

Open school board aims to established to uplift the standard of schooling education and encourage students to continue their education. Through, online learning or eLearning in open school admission learners can learn new-age skills for career advancement, while balancing their jobs and schedules. They can develop their skills at their own pace and keep records of their learning for future reference.

Notable Features of Online Learning in Open School Board:

Convenience and Flexibility:

Through open school board, candidates can upskill themselves according to their convenience and flexibility. Although, many online courses have strict timing for assignment and project submission; those who want to enhance their skills can use tutorials and videos for better career opportunities.

Engaging and Constructive Teaching Methodologies:

Learners can avail high-quality course content designed by renowned academicians and industry experts. The standard of courses is not only sublime rather teaching methodologies of instructors are engaging and constructive based on the real-life scenario that spontaneously develops creativity and intellectual thinking in learners.

More Students Can Enroll at Once:

There is no limitation on number of students enrolment in online education. Online learning classes are all about pre-recorded videos and tests, which the unlimited number of students can enroll and learn courses according to their interests. Millions of students across the globe enroll in leading-edge courses simultaneously, and since there’s no need for physical classrooms and seats, more students can enroll in a single course at once.


Compare to traditional schools, online classes at Open school board exam are cost-effective and high-quality. Lower cost costs ensure that a wider audience has access to universities and courses at affordable prices.

Why Choose Board of Open School and Skill Education (BOSSE)

  • Board of Open School and Skill Education (BOSSE) is a top school in Gangtok, popular for its high-quality education and cutting-edge vocational courses.
  • BOSSE allows students to choose interdisciplinary subjects.
  • Courses are available in regional languages and students get facilities like transfer of credit up to two subjects.
  • The degree programmes of BOSSE are recognized all over India since it is recognized by the Government of Sikkim.