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Join Open School Board Exam For Better Career Prospects

Open School Board

BOSSE or the Board of Open Schooling and Skill Education is an Open school in Gangtok designed to suit the educational demand of a distinct group of pupils. The board’s main objective is to provide universal education, as well as skill and vocational education, to all eligible students up to pre-degree level. The board provides a variety of courses, self-learning lesson plans, credit transfer, and a flexible examination system, allowing students to resume their studies after a break. Being an Open School Board, BOSSE makes it simple to complete any course you desire to study. The board offers an On-Demand Examination (ODE) system, which allows students to finish their education in one year. This well-known ODE concept allows students to appear for exams when they are well-prepared. Aside from students in classes 10 and 12, applicants who meet the board’s qualifications may apply for courses to complete their studies in a professional context. Admissions are currently open; apply now to enroll in your ideal course according to your preference and future goals to complete your studies.

The Government of Sikkim founded BOSSE, a prominent Open School in Gangtok under Act No. 14 of 2020. AIU has granted BOSSE equivalence status, meaning that its credentials can be used in future studies. BOSSE has been recognized by NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) and has been included in its list of open schools. The Government of India established the National Institute of Open Schooling in 1989 to provide education to all students who are unable to attend regular schools (for whatever reason) with the same educational opportunities as those who do. The government’s visionary and noble attempt to restore India’s basic education system is both insightful and ethical. Since independence, the Indian government has made significant efforts to guarantee that every student in the nation receives a quality education at a reasonable cost. After seven decades of independence, India has built a large network of schools; according to the most recent Central Government data, India has 14,94,052 schools, including government, government-aided, and private schools.

However, BOSSE aims to impart quality education to all those impoverished students who have left school due to unforeseen circumstances. The board offers a wide range of educational courses, skill and vocational programs up to the pre-degree level. This prominent board allows you to conclude your education and develop your inner skills, enabling you to pursue a rewarding career in a variety of sectors. This Open school board exam is meticulously designed to deliver education to all segments of society to increase literacy and preparing students for flexible learning.

Objectives of BOSSE

BOSSE has taken a leading step towards the universalization of higher education by integrating non-formal and ongoing education. This new leader will meet the needs of students interested in pursuing higher education. However, due to a lack of resources and time, many are unable to enroll in college or universities. This also provides education to the poor, downtrodden, and backward for a small charge. The board also serves to accomplish the goals of vocational and educational rights of the Indian Constitution 1950 under article 21A, i.e. Right to Education, and 14,15,19,26,29,30,351, etc.

Below listed are some significant objectives of BOSSE

  • To democratize and universalize higher education by bringing it to students in rural India at their doorstep.
  • To provide job-oriented and professional education with the maximum potential for employment in a variety of government and non-government agencies and organizations.
  • To provide higher education to everyone, regardless of age, gender, caste, or area.
  • To encourage and popularize education through an informal education system modelled after that of other countries’ Boards, open schools, and universities.
  • To increase the availability of high-quality education and expert knowledge.
  • To achieve ever-increasing levels of literacy and active learning.
  • To revolutionaries, and change the traditional educational system.
  • To develop fresh information and a cutting-edge educational system.
  • To encourage a system of problem-solving education.
  • To arrange and hold lectures, talks, debates, and functions that will allow members and the general public to interact.