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NIOS Vs BOSSE – Which is better

NIOS Vs BOSSE – Which is better?

The Indian Education system has always been a center of attraction for the world and that’s why there have been many Indians placed in some of the big top-notch companies of the world including NASA etc. And its hues have been added more when the Govt. of India introduced NIOS formerly known as NOS. With the introduction of NIOS, it became easier for those students who wanted to learn but could not go to school due to social, economical, and other societal constraints. As mentioned in the “Cultural and Educational rights” the main objective of National Institute of Open Schooling is to impart education to all the sections of society who so ever wants to learn and following the footstep ,a private institute BOSSE was set up as an open school Gangtok under Act No.14 of 2020.

 Table of Contents

  • Key Highlights of NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling)
  • Key Highlights of BOSSE (Board of Open Schooling & Skill Education)
  • Features of BOSSE (Board of Open Schooling & Skill Education)

Key Highlights of NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling)

NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) main objective is to educate all who want to learn at the pre-degree level. NIOS was founded in 1979 and under the National Education Policy 1986 it opened avenues for different types of candidates’ viz. school dropouts, private candidates, females, and males providing equal opportunity to all who have been barred from education pertaining to social constraints. NIOS initiative has led to an increase in the literacy rate

This open-learning school system is based on the formal pre-degree education system and its Govt. recognized degrees and certificates. NIOS has led to the universalization of education at Govt. the level whereas BOSSE whose aims are the same cumulative.

Key Highlights of BOSSE (Board of Open Schooling & Skill Education) 

BOSSE-Board of Open Schooling & Skill Education is a multi-faceted institute that enables open school learning & Skill Education. Its objective is to educate all the heterogeneous group who wishes to learn, for example, discontinuing school education for some financial or cultural or geographical issues, school dropouts, disadvantaged groups, employment responsibilities & minorities, underprivileged section of society or early marriages, etc. BOSSE is an open format School that encourages learning and evaluation and is recognized by the statutory governing bodies in India for higher education. Students are given special assistance in terms of career counseling, study materials for learning, special visual aids, and special teaching assistance to students for solving their education or course-related queries.

Benefits of BOSSE (Board of Open Schooling & Skill Education) 

  • Strategic and systematic planning and encouraging open school initiative program;
  • Learners are entrusted with pre-degree schooling to plan whether to go for higher studies or not;
  • Right to Education and simplifying syllabus for pre-degree education for all sections of society inclusive of the weaker, minorities, differently able, and marginalized sections of the society.
  • All pre- degree school is supported by adequate study materials and proper guidance from teachers concerning continuing vocational education and life enrichment curriculum and courses to decide what higher study to pursue.
  • It focuses on skill development by introducing self-learning material for vocational education and training, providing open basic education, senior secondary education, etc.
  • To conduct examinations and award certificates or degrees to pass out candidates.
  • Promote education at the pre-degree level and make India more self-reliant and interdependent in all sectors of the economy.

BOSSE is a medium of formal education for providing pre-degree level education for all sections of society and making every individual self-reliant. Open school format is a chance for those aspirants who have not got the opportunity for regular schools but have an aptitude for education and make themselves more skilled and upgraded. BOSSE has taken the initiative to educate differently able students, school dropouts, and minorities’ weaker sections of society irrespective of caste and creed. The Govt. of India has also acknowledged the initiatives taken by the BOSSE, despite being a private institute.