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Open Schooling Examination Now So Easy With BOSSE

open schooling examination

Schooling is the foremost essential prerequisite in the education system. It can be done through regular schooling boards of CBSE and ICSE. However, a considerable chunk of students is unable to attend regular schooling due to some personal reasons. They are willing to complete their education. For such students, the government of India has formed NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling). The board caters to the needs of such students and helps them complete their education. This certainly helps remove impediments being faced by the students in their path of education and gives them a chance to pursue the aspirations of higher education after finishing their schooling. Open schooling examination is well recognized by the CBSE and thereupon completing the schooling, students can pursue ambitions for higher education without any hassles.

Open schooling examination maintains the standards of the schooling system approved by the CBSE. The advantage of the convenience of time and place makes it a popular choice among students. Studies can be taken up as per one’s choice of place without physically attending the classes. Also, time slots can be taken up according to one’s convenience so that uninterrupted learning keeps going on.

The open schooling system offers vocational programs such as catering management, plant production, web development, travel & tourism, secretarial practice, fertilizer and soil management, operations for hotel front office, hospitality management, and beautician courses to channel their energies in a constructive way along with schooling. The main objective behind such vocational courses is skill development so that they acquire employable skills to follow their areas of interest.

The flexibility factor makes them a big hit among students. As students can attend the classes according to their convenience of time and place, also no age barrier comes their way. The convenience factor gets even better as the courses can be pursued in their regional language. As per one’s suitability of language, the courses can be pursued to minimize the hassles and maximize the learning prospects.

Open schooling examination is highly cost-effective. It does not cost much to continue studies through open schooling. Also, it provides flexibility in selecting the subjects, curriculum, time, and place of schooling. Open schooling is a boon in disguise for students who want to continue with their studies and become educated like formal school goers. Also, adults whose studies are left behind to fulfill their family obligations are always welcome to finish their incomplete dream. They can upgrade their skills as well as gain more knowledge on academic subjects of their choice. They can do their bit to enrich their knowledge and look forward to further continuing to pursue higher education goals to reach new milestones in life.

The additional benefit attached to the open schooling examination is that exanimation can be on-demand. Also, one program can be completed over the span of 5 years, and students are provided 9 chances to pass as well as earn a passing certificate. In case, one has cleared any examination in CBSE, they have the privilege of transfer of credit system. Marks can be passed on to their present curriculum and they don’t have to appear for that particular exam. These days as things are transforming into digital mode, students can take assistance from the SWAYAM platform.

BOSSE is certainly an innovative platform for people who are interested in completing their school education. It can help you look forward to higher education goals as degrees provided under BOSSE are in compliance with the norms set by CBSE. They are eligible to apply for higher education courses across the nation.