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Five Fascinating Facts That Makes Open Schooling Very Special in India

Since independence, the Government of India has adopted revolutionary steps to provide hassle-free and affordable education to its citizen. The objective behind such steps was crystal clear, and that was to strengthen the potential of Indian citizens through high-quality education without any discrimination. Keeping this thing in mind, the Government of India established the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) in 1989.Today, lakhs of students in India are getting benefit from the open schooling system and completing their education through it. This post aims to highlight notable features of the open schooling system in India, which make it very special. 


The first and foremost advantage is flexibility. Open schooling system allows an individual to choose the subjects of their choice from the list. Besides, the registration process is also smooth and hassle-free, there are various ways of registration like registration online, through a study centre, through the regional centre for secondary education, and others.

Freedom to learn:

There is freedom of learning in the open schooling system. There is no restriction on when to take the exam; according to preparation an individual can decide the schedule of examination. 

Examination Chances:

Where examinations are held twice a year in the regular education system the same open schooling system provides sufficient chances to students to appear in the examination.  They can also take the examination at any time during this period and can avail the facility of credit accumulation.


There is a kind of misconception or rumor that courses pursued at open schools not relevant for higher studies. But the fact is, students of open schools not only perform better in their academic careers but also crack prestigious competitive examinations like JEE Main and Advance, NEET, NDA, etc. 

High-Quality Education:

There are many misconceptions about the quality of education in open schooling. The government has vested open schools with the authority to conduct the examination transparently and provide the certificates that are equivalent to the certificates provided by the state board or others.